Cory Booker

Mayor Booker, thanks for rallying us to make better choices
And to talk to our enemies in understanding voices

Conciliatory speaking was probably more likely your idea
When you told Oprah that we need more poets around here
But my oratory skills cannot hold up to the pros
So in this little rhyme I will address our woes

Sickness leads to poverty and poverty leads to crime
Eliminating root causes always saves money and time
To improve public health will require a well-thought out plan
So emergency rooms can stop being doctors’ offices for the uncovered working man

Setting up medical clinics in areas with high ER use
Where patients can do maintenance treatments and perhaps get a green juice
Instead of high costs for critical care and staff
Preventative fixes made at these clinics will cut expenses in half

And so-called American companies that pay zero taxes
Causing infrastructure projects to get slashed with state budget axes
Loopholes need to be closed to end this offshore tax scam
Make all corporations play by the same rules, gosh damn

For giant agribusiness to get billions in subsidies should be booed
They have gotten so rich by killing us with corn syrup and junk food
The small farms are the ones that need the help to compete
Or soon they will go belly up and be out on the street

Well, thanks for lending me your ear
And for shaking my hand at the 108 Sun Salutations yoga class one year

Nancy Sullivan


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Wheezing Warrior

Battle for the Day:   Love yourself.


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